The Coqteau Company, Singapore, provides the perfect bar-tending solution for both the corporate entities and the individual client. With a policy of hiring only the best, Coqteau distinguishes itself from its competitors, by providing upmarket services for its clientele. Each event is organized in a fuzz-free manner for all clients, with all matters taken care to the finest details.

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Fuzz-Free Solution

We believe that a key ingredient to ensuring the success of an event comes down to the most micro of details. Hence, we provide a one-stop solution from setting up all up till cleaning up of events so as to ensure that it remains hassle-free for our clients.

Customizable Alcoholic Menu

We take pride in our alcohol, catering to the very best needs of our client. And for this reason, we enjoy working with our clients to come up with corporate drinks and customized offering based on their varying preferences to have a successful event.

Professional Bartenders

We firmly believe in providing training to our bartenders so as to ensure that only the best of services are provided to customers. We are proud to have a strong staffing of Singaporean bartenders that are better able to relate to customer’s needs.

Meeting Client’s Needs

With the advent of more customers seeking more customizable offerings in the market, Coqteau stands out from the competition and does well in various areas, differentiating itself from the common company.